July 2nd & 3rd

8:00 AM Onwards

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The conservation of our diverse tribal natural resources.

This year’s regional conference, hosted by INCA and Arizona Association of Tribal Conservation Districts, will focus on the various conservation efforts in the management of our tribal natural resources.

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This year we focus on the diversity of tribal lands in Arizona. Showcasing a wide array of conservation efforts in farming, ranching, wildlife, and timber management.

We are excited to share our findings on how Tribal Conservation Districts (TCD’s) can build effective partnerships with tribal governments and federal agencies. We will also explore how producers can ‘scale-up’ and diversify their livestock operations, explore a unique timber industry and farm operation and learn how to factor wildlife habitat into our conservation planning.

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Conference Agenda

Agenda highlights include a Tribal Conservation District focused training on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon and all-day Wednesday you can expect agency updates, and discussions about wildlife, forestry, timber, farming, ranching, the cattle business for this jam-packed two-day event. 

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Prescott Resort & Conference Center

We are also pleased to offer a new venue in Prescott, Arizona during the 132nd Prescott Frontier Rodeo – the World’s Oldest Rodeo. Contact the Prescott Resort and Conference Center to book your lodging during the conference. 

The Prescott Resort is offering conference attendees special rates, be sure to secure your spots by mentioning “INCA” when booking your reservation.

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Call: (800) 967-4637

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