This webinar will discuss opportunities for Tribes to form a Tribal Conservation District under Tribal Law.

Presented by Heidi Brewer.

By forming a Tribal Conservation District under Tribal Law local and traditional knowledge are combined with technical resources to actively manage natural resources in a defined area.  

The primary objective of a Tribal Conservation District is to support Tribal efforts providing for the utilization, protection, conservation and restoration of reservation lands for the benefit of the community, in a partnership effort with USDA.  Tribal Conservation Districts provide a local voice in leadership efforts to address natural resource needs and concerns. Tribal Conservation Districts also provide parity in access to federal conservation programs and provide assistance for managing lands in a productive and healthy manner.

Ms. Brewer has worked as a county Conservation District Administrator, a Public Affairs and Soil Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and a Public Affairs Specialist/Outreach Coordinator; District Director and Chief Program Specialist for the Farm Service Agency (FSA).  She ended her federal government career as the Chief Program Specialist overseeing all Conservation; Payment Eligibility and Price Support programs. She works for Indian Nations Conservation Alliance as an Information Specialist and Northern Plains Regional Conservationist.

This exclusive training took place June 26, 2019 1:00 PM Mountain Time (Denver).

Video will be published shortly.