For Individuals

  • INCA provides outreach tools and education.
  • We assist in completing applications for Federal Conservation and Financial Assistance.
  • Help members to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Teach Livestock Record keeping so ranchers can be eligible for FSA.
  • Loans Assist Create Conservation Planning to protect:
  1. Soil Productivity
  2. Water Quality and Quantity
  3. Air Quality
  4. Wildlife Habitat  
  • Identify resource problems and find resources for solutions.
  • Keep members informed of ever changing opportunities or regulations that can impact their productivity and profitability.  

For Tribes & Villages

  • Bring the indigenous perspective to conservation
  • Provide a respectful connection between Tribes and agencies
  • Coordinate conservation projects on Tribal land
  • Increase production and harvesting of traditional foods
  • Encourage more tribal members to farm or ranch on Trust and Tribal Fee Lands
  • Improve Economic Opportunities for producers