Register Now: 2023 Arizona Regional Meeting

Get ready for an exciting gathering of conservation leaders, as Indian Nations Conservation Alliance (INCA) presents the 2023 Arizona Regional Meeting, May 18 to 20, 2023 at the HonDah Casino Resort Conference Center.

How Can We Help You?

Our newsletters include updates from within our organization, the achievements we’ve made, stories from our members, practical and educational information, and much more.

Reasons to Partner with INCA

Together we can foster Native Agriculture by helping tribal farmers and ranchers to care for and strengthen the circle of life.


INCA provides outreach tools and education.

We assist in completing applications for Federal Conservation and Financial Assistance.

Help members to comply with regulatory requirements.

Teach Livestock Record keeping so ranchers can be eligible for FSA.

Loans Assist Create Conservation Planning to protect:

  Soil Productivity

   Water Quality and Quantity

   Air Quality

   Wildlife Habitat  

Identify resource problems and find resources for solutions.

Keep members informed of ever-changing opportunities or regulations that can impact their productivity and profitability. 

For Tribes & Villages

Bring the indigenous perspective to conservation

Provide a respectful connection between Tribes and agencies

Coordinate conservation projects on Tribal land

Increase production and harvesting of traditional foods

Encourage more tribal members to farm or ranch on Trust and Tribal Fee Lands

Improve Economic Opportunities for producers


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